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Frostbites can sometimes cause the great problems. Body will react when it is exposed to cold weather, but if thetemperature is low enough, frostbites are created. Body is programmed to keepthe inner organs from cold, so when found in cold surroundings, body willdecrease the circulation of blood in hands and feet in order to keep innerorgans warm.


Frostbites do not always happenafter a particular amount of time. Almost every case is different when thisvariable is concerned, but if you have ice crystals formed on your skin,chances are that you will develop frostbites next. We will explain what to doin these situations. Pain will occur when frostbite begins to thaw, but it alsodepends on the case. Doctor will have to be visited if the blisters are visibleor if there is a black or dark blue area beneath the skin.

Frostbites can be divided in fourgroups. The first degree is the one that happens first and those are icecrystals. Next degree of frostbite is seen when the skin is becoming red, whiteor pale, and if you are not defrosting but you feel the warmth. This degree isdangerous and medical attention in the hospital is needed. Remember never torub the frostbite. If the problem occurs, try to find a warm place that willbring the thawing of the frostbite. Do not leave this place unless you have to,since cold will increase the problem. Do not put pressure on the frostbite andavoid walking if you have managed to make your toes warmer. If you can choosebetween the hot tub and campfire, always use hot tub, since fire produces dryheat. Try to use water 10 F warmer than your body temperature, and also try notto use metal in these situations.

How to prevent frostbites?

There are ways of preventingfrostbites. The most logical is to stay at your warm home when the weather isbad. Remember to always stay dry and go through areas where the wind isblocked. You can wear mittens, which can prevent frostbites. But if the weatheris bad, try to be curled up and use your body heat. Avoid alcohol in thesesituation since is causes heat loss. According to some professionals, warmingyour ears can be very productive in these situations. Drink a lot of fluids,such as broth, cider or herbal teas. But you will have to avoid cigarettes andcaffeine, since they will reduce the chances of making yourself warmer.

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