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Cat flu

Cat flu is oneof the diseases that can affect a cat and it has its characteristic symptomsthat can be very unpleasant and uncomfortable. The specificantiviral medicine that can be the most effective for this condition is notfound yet, but there are certain antibiotics that can be very helpful with somebacterial infections. One of these bacterial infections is pneumonia, in case when a virus has damaged the lining of the nose and airways. The mostcommon symptoms of cat flu are the mouth ulcers and blocked nose with red eyes.As the consequence of this, a cat loses its appetite and cannot drink and eat, which can lead to dehydration. The chief causefor this condition is the feline virus.

Treatment ofcat flu

In the case whena cat has a blocked nose, it is important to encourage it to eat anddrink by offering some foods that have strong smell, because the cat certainly lostits sense of smell. The foods, such as sardines, roast chicken and cooked liverare the best if a cat suffers from cat flu. On the otherside, if a cat has the mouth ulcers, the eating and swallowing are verydifficult and in that case, the creams are most recommended. Moreover, mashedor liquidized food can also be given to the cat. Going to a vetis important if the cat cannot eat. In that case, the cat is fed intravenouslyand must be hospitalized.

In order to loosencatarrh in the cat, it is recommended to expose it to the steam, forexample in the bathroom. Moreover, if olbas oil mixed with warm water is put in thesame room where the cat is may be very beneficial also, but the cat must not drinkthis water. Nasal congestion, furthermore, may be reduced by the inhalation of thesmell of eucalyptus oil.

Sometimes,conjunctivitis can appear because of the cat flu and in such cases, the vet usuallyprescribes eye drops or ointments. The cat’s eyes and nose must be cleaned withwarm and salty water when eye discharge occurs. Otherwise, a buildup of pus orbands of fibrin between the eyelids can be formed, which is very difficult toremove and sometimes even surgery is necessary. Cat flu is a contagiousdisease and spread from cat to cat with a simple contact between them, or a mancan spread the virus on the hands or clothing. Therefore, it is recommended tokeep the infected cat isolated.

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