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According to the certain data, half the population in the United States suffers from flu every winter. Flu is very contagious and that is one of the reasons why so many people are affected by it. According to the experts, the virus that causes flu can linger in the air for three hours. Flu is a lot more common in close quarters and that is why a majority of people who are affected by the virus are children aged between five and 18 years of age. These children and young adults spend a lot of their time in small quarters such as schools and day care centers in contact with many more classmates.

Flu treatment

It is important that flu is treated as soon as it occurs in order for the complications to be avoided. It is important that people do not use antibiotics to treat flu because they are used only for bacterial infections. Overuse of antibiotics is not minor problem. A lot of people take flu shots but the fact is that these shots will not prevent the illness. Flu vaccine is good but it can also weaken the immune system. However, people need not worry too much because there are many ways they can cure flu.

Home remedies for flu

First of all, people need to understand that drinking a lot of fluids is an excellent cure for flu. It is especially good if the fluids are hot, like tea or soup. Apart from keeping a person hydrated, the fluids will also keep a person warm and dilute toxins. Fluids are also good because they aid the immune system and people need a strong immune system in order not to suffer from flu. Drinking a lot of juices helps as well due to the vitamins that they contain.

Making sure that a person who suffers from flu is not cold is very important. Sweat is good because that way the body will release toxins and speed the process of recovery. It is especially important that the feet are warm because of the circulation.

A properly balanced diet is important for various reasons and flu is one of them. A person needs to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables in order for the immune system to become strong. Blocked nose and sore throat are very common when a person is suffering from flu and that is why eating raw garlic is an excellent remedy.

A lot of people neglect rest but it is very important when a person is suffering from flu.

Regular washing of the hands will reduce the chance of getting infected by the virus so people should do it often. Apart from these, there are a lot more remedies for flu.

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