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The Cimex lectularius is better and more commonly known as the bed bug. These tiny blood sucking creatures are exactly as their name says, they live in your mattress and they are bugs.

Information about Bed Bugs

They tend to hang out in warmer places like Africa and South America. A bed bug does not only attack humans but animals as well such as birds, chickens and bats. Bed bugs are brown and red when they are adults and have a flat look about them and they have no wings so are not capable of flying. The myth is that bed buds are ridiculously small, so small that you cannot see them, you just feel them. We can officially break that myth because when they are fully grown they can actually be measured at around five millimeters long. The bug is by nature introverted and shy so it is therefore a challenge to locate the infestation. They tend to be in the habit of feeding on your blood at night time using a double set of tubes to go into your skin to retrieve the blood. The reason for the two tubes is quite clever, one is being used for the task of inserting an anticoagulant and the second tube for the withdrawal of the blood. Usually the person does not feel the bite nor the feeding which takes about four to five minutes but the person will feel a reaction after a few minutes or even after a couple of hours. The bed bug does not necessarily hide in the mattress. It can also take refuge in nightstands, artwork frames, headboards, desks and clothing.How to Recognize the Signs of a Bed Bug Invasion

Using a professional is the best way to go. However, the signs you can probably look for are obviously bites on your skin which is a sign of you being bitten but not necessarily by the bed bug. Have a close look around the seam stitches of the mattress to see blood spots which is another indication of bed bugs. Not a very nice sign is bug skin, they shed their skin so keep an eye out for hollow bugs. If you spot something that looks like mini rice, this could be the bed bug eggs.Home Remedies for the Removal of Bed Bugs

Realistically you can’t do anything other than be sensible and call in the professional. Some people have said that rubbing alcohol on them destroys them, others say that using an insecticide that has pyrethrins and canola oil in it works.

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