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Small, Bloodsucking Intruders

If you ever experienced waking up with the small but itchy red bumps somewhere on your body, there is a high likelihood that you have been bitten by bed bugs. These tiny insects feed on human and animal blood, capable of infesting your bed or other parts of your dwelling such as chairs and office furniture. Their bites are quite similar to those of mosquitoes, and the latter are usually blamed for a bite that the former had caused. Therefore, it is important and useful to know how to distinguish a bed bug bite from all other bites and what to do in order to remedy the wounds they create on your skin.

Bed Bug Bite Manifestations

While once you are stung by a mosquito, you feel pain and discomfort throughout the whole bloodsucking experience, with bed bugs this is not the case. Namely, these small pests have anesthetics inside of their saliva. Thus, once they bite you, you will not feel a thing. The symptoms usually strike several hours after the bite. So, if you did not feel the bite in the first place, you might instantly consider bed bugs as the main suspects. Your reaction to their bites may be triggered even one week after the bloodsucking act, the severity of your reaction depending on yourorganism.

Secondly, the bite spot of these insects will be more swollen than that of a mosquito. Rashes and itchiness are present as well. Due to the fact that bed bugs flee if their victim starts moving, and get back after the danger has stopped, you will most probably have more bites than one, usually lined one below the other. Fortunately, even though these tiny vampires are capable of sucking your blood for up to 15 minutes, they do not transfer any diseases. The worst complication may take place with people who are allergic to bed bug bites.

Possible Treatment

First of all, you need to ensure that you are not scratching the itchy spot, making things worse. Therefore, it is good to apply some topical creams which calm the irritated spot down and reduce the itchiness. If these are unable to help you deal with the bites and if the pain, irritation, itching and all other symptoms start to escalate, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Good hygiene is the best precaution. Thus, make sure you change your sheets regularly and keep them clean at all times. Vacuum you dwelling frequently and make sure you do not have these bugs infesting any parts of it. Bed bugs leave black trails around the infestation spots. This may be an excellent clue to look for, before terminating their existence with a bug spray.

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