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You've Been Bitten

You woke up with a bunch of strangelittle dots appearing on your skin, going red and being extremelyitchy. This is quite an uncomfortable state of affair and there is ahigh likelihood that you have been bitten by bed bugs. Even thoughyou might get worried and frustrated by the itching and the looks ofthe tiny wounds, do not worry, this may be treated easily. All youneed to know in these cases will be explained in the lines below.Thus, do not lose your calmness and read on.

Manifestations of Bed Bug Bites

First of all, you might easilymisinterpret the bed bug bite rash for some inflicted by a differentinsect. This is due to the fact that, aesthetically, these bites arequite similar. Moreover, you might not even take bug bite as thepossible cause of your skin rash. This is why people often ignorethis when they should actually look further into it.

You may notice a bed bug bite rash bylooking closer and revealing a pattern. Namely, these bugs tend toreturn for more once they start feasting on your blood. Since theyare sent away by your movements during sleeping, they return back andcontinue next to the previously bitten spot. Therefore, a line ofbites or a specific pattern may be a clear sign of bed bugs.

Also, if the rashes reappear after yourevery sleep, you will know what is causing it for sure. Still, youshould not scratch the area at all costs. Scratching will increasethe irritation and cause more scratching, resulting in inflammationsand infections.

As for the length of the bed bug biterash, it can last for several hours while, at the same time, it mightbother your for several weeks. This depends on your immunity and proneness toallergies and your overall health.

Possible Treatment for Bed Bug BiteRashes

Topical or oral antihistamines orsteroid creams are great for treating this problem. What is more, youmight purchase them over-the-counter and the variants you may choosefrom are many. Therefore, have your rash examined by a doctor andrush on to the pharmacy, getting your cure for this uncomfortableskin problem.

However, if you want to be treatednaturally, you might find relief by pouring warm water over the bedbug bite spots. Washing it with an antibacterial soap can prove tobe helpful in many situations, including this one. Additionally,applying Calamine lotion topically or adding oatmeal powder to yourbath water can result in quite a relief. Finally, salt and bakingsoda can cure the inflammation.

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