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Bad breath or halitosis in medical terms may be a very unpleasantcondition for people, and in some cases it has been known to affect personal lives and even professional activities. All over the world, there arepeople suffering from the same problem and having bad breath for one or anotherreason. It is a very common problem, but you don’t have to worry – the conditionis not contagious and you won’t get bad breath from another person, that’s forsure.

Unpleasant smell from your mouth may affect your communicationwith other, either preventing you to talk to someone because of the shame or preventingsomeone else to stay near and talk to you. Lack of communication or your shameof the condition you are suffering may lead to lack of confidence andnegatively affect your social life.

What are Identified Causes of Bad Breath

Good oral hygiene is well known to prevent bad breath comingfrom your mouth. Anyone not doing proper job there might experience bad breath,and there is no excuse. If that’s the case with you, andyou don’t brush your teeth very often, this is most likely to be the cause ofyour bad breath. In some cases, when the problem is too big for you, you shouldask for professional help and consult your dentist or your doctor.

Bad breath is often worse in the morning than at any othertime of the day. Brushing the teeth may temporarily solve the problem, becauseit can take the smell away, but it comes creeping back, after just severalhours. Other than poor hygiene, bad breath may be provoked by some health problemssuch as presence of certain bacteria, dry mouth or even more serious infectionsand diseases. Anaerobic bacteria from the tongue or below the gum line could bethe reason for your bad breath. Xerostomia or dry mouth is also linked to thisunpleasant problem, and it is caused by decreased flow of saliva.

Medical problems, like liver or kidney issues, diabetes,gastrointestinal conditions, infections of sinuses or respiratory tract, aswell as postnasal drip and chronic bronchitis are also connected with badbreath in many people. The cause of mouth smell might also be chronic inflammationof the sinuses (chronic sinusitis). Such problem may be very persistent andcome back every once in a while, especially if it’s caused by some structuraldeformity of the sinuses.

Treatments for Bad Breath

Temporary halitosisis easily managed but if the problem is permanent it is much harder to solve. Drymouth can be resolved using artificial saliva, but these patients mayalso use sonic toothbrush or plastic mouth tray with peroxide. Traditional medicinesuggests using lemon juice diluted with some water to remove unpleasant odorfrom the mouth.

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