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Bad Breath and Foul Smell Coming from the Nose

Bad breath (medically known as halitosis) is a condition characterized by foul smell coming from the oral cavity. The odor most commonly develops as a result of volatile sulfur compounds produced by bacteria originating from the oral cavity. However, if foul smell originates from the nose this is a specific case of halitosis. It develops due to certain medical conditions that generally affect the nasal cavity or sinuses. Infections such as sinusitis as well as infection caused by foreign bodies in nasal cavity are the two leading caused of foul smell from the nose. If the problem occurs the person should consult an ear, nose and throat specialist who will perform a thorough exam, identify the underlying cause and recommend the most convenient treatment.

Nasal Passage Blockage and Foul Smell Coming from the Nose

Nasal passage obstruction may develop due to several reasons. It is most common among young children who are prone to pick their noses and put different objects in their nasal cavities. The inserted object may remain inside the nasal cavity and cause blockage. This eventually leads to infection and infection is actually responsible for foul smell coming from the nose. Once the condition is confirmed the object is removed and infection treated adequately.

Furthermore, nasal blockage also affects swimmers who may accidentally inhale water and if there are bacteria they may be a source of infection and subsequent foul smell from the nose. And finally, the condition may develop as a consequence of blockage with food ejected while vomiting. No matter what causes the blockage of the nasal cavity it must be removed as soon as possible because this way infection and associated bad breath from the nose can be successfully prevented or treated.

Sinusitis and Chronic Atrophic Rhinitis and Foul Smell Coming from the Nose

Sinusitis is inflammation of sinuses, cavities located in the skull. Bacterial sinusitis leads to postnasal drip and production of pus. The pus drains through the throat and releases foul smell that can be detected while the patient is talking or even breathing. This is not a serious condition but requires treatment with antibiotics. It is essential to treat the infection completely and not allow it to become chronic. Once the bacteria are removed and pus properly drained the person will not emit foul smell any more.

Chronic atrophic rhinitis is another condition associated with foul smell from the nose. It is characterized by atrophy of nasal mucosa. The inner layer of nasal cavities becomes roomy and filled with smelling crusts. In this condition foul smell develops as a consequence of multiplication of microorganisms. In case crusts are remove there may be bleeding from the nose.

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