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Bad breath is also known as halitosis, both of which have a smelly stigma attached. The majority of the time, bad breath only lasts a short while and is more often a consequence of personal habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating foods that generally, have a strong taste. An example of this is garlic and onions. Habits that cause bad breath can usually be covered by simply brushing your teeth. There are some situations where a person has an underlying medical condition that may be the root cause to having bad breath and if you suspect this then it is advisable to seek a professional’s advice.

Causes of Bad Breath

Usually the bad breath comes from the bacteria that have reproduced and this happens when the saliva in the person’s mouth diminishes and thus the mouth gets dry. But in some cases the bad breath can come from deep inside the body like the stomach or even the sinuses. As mentioned in the previous sentence, when a person has a dry mouth they will inevitably have bad breath. Now this can happen because of the person’s age and it can also occur when someone is on a diet because of the lack of food that they are eating thus their saliva glands don’t get a good workout. There are also various medications that can contribute to having a dry mouth.

Everyone Has it at Some Point

The majority of the population will admit to having a little bad breath when they wake up, simply due to the reason of the saliva gland not producing enough saliva when they are asleep. Sometimes of course bad breath simply happens because someone is not hygienic with their teeth and mouth. If you do not brush, floss and rinse correctly you run the risk of food being stuck in and around the teeth and tongue which will cause bad breath and can then even lead to a gum disease.

The Different Supplements and Herbs for Combating Bad Breath

Combine the herbs with a good hygienic routine set by your dentist and you should stay free from bad breath. Coupled with the brushing and flossing, it’s also important to care for the back of your tongue. Try using a peppermint oil, just a couple of drops throughout the day. Another way to help deter bad breath is by chewing on fennel or anise seeds. Of course avoid the strong tasting food from now on and invest in a tongue scraper.

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