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Miscarriage is the loss of a fetus before it has becomeviable enough to live outside the uterus. The risk of a miscarriage exists alluntil the seventh month of pregnancy.

There are various causes of miscarriage. First of all,leading an unhealthy life during pregnancy can really endanger the fetus.Smoking, consumption of alcohol and drugs should be out of the question.Besides that, stressful situations and an irregular diet can be quite harmful.Physical problems such as injuries or illnesses can also affect the fetus.Among other things, these include high blood pressure, genetic problems, tumorsor infections. Frequent previous use of birth control pills can meddle with thehormones and be damaging to the pregnancy as well. Also, the problem could bein the uterus or an abnormal embryo.

Some signs of a miscarriage include severe pain in thestomach and genital area as well as bleeding in this area of the body.

Home remedies which can be quite helpful in preventingmiscarriages are mostly based on herbs. Of course, making sure to consulta doctor before choosing a home remedy of this kind is always advisable,particularly if there is a possibility of an allergic reaction to certainherbs.

Some of the choices include herbal teas, such as ginger teawhich is especially good when dealing with vomiting. Another tea, from a squawherb, is also very beneficial since it prevents infections. Also good for preventinginfections and hemorrhages is raspberry leaf tea. Raspberry leaf is enrichedwith iron and recommended in any form.

Apart from teas, roots of certain herbs can be quitehelpful, such as true unicorn root, false unicorn root, cramp bark and blackhaw bark.

All these herbs help deal with pain, emotional stress andcurable physical problems which could lead to a miscarriage.

Other than herbs, there are certain physical exercises thatcan relieve the discomfort which arises during pregnancy, as well as reduce thechances of a miscarriage. Yoga is a highly recommended choice because iteliminates stress and tension during pregnancy, which can accumulate significantly. Also, breathing exercisesimprove blood circulation and stretching exercises relax the muscles.

All in all, the best a person can do in such a case is try to live as healthy aspossible, have a healthy, balanced diet and make sure to consult the doctor if any signs of trouble should appear during the pregnancy.

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