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Drinking raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy has gained popularity in recent years, especially among people who support alternative and natural medicine. If you have ever heard women on internet message boards talk about red raspberry leaf tea, also called RRL tea, you might be wondering what the deal is I know it made me curious when I first read about this! What does raspberry leaf tea do for you during pregnancy? Does it induce labor, or help you have an easier birth? Let's take a look at what this tea is good for.

Whatever benefits proponents of drinking raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy say it has, the tea certainly does contain many vitamins and minerals, which are good for any person. They include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B. There is also calcium, magnesium and iron in the tea. All of these are helpful during pregnancy. Additionally, red raspberry leaf tea has fragine, an alkaloid. Some claim that this helps strengthen uterine muscles, making labor more effective and recovery from childbirth easier. Because RRL tea is also said to assist the uterus in return to its normal size after pregnancy and make it contract more effectively, some women think it helps with breastfeeding. When your milks comes in can be linked to uterine activity after birth hence the claim.

There have been some studies surrounding raspberry leaf tea consumption in pregnancy, particularly during the third trimester, and it has been shown to help with easier c-section recovery, for instance. Still, consuming the tea is still largely intuitive, and not based on science. If you ask women who drank the tea consistently during the third trimester, most of them will say they think it helped them have an easier birth and a speedier recovery, however. What do you think? Have you tried drinking the tea in pregnancy, and what were your findings? Are you going to drink it again in any subsequent pregnancies?

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