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Dry red skin on face

It is common that people suffer from dry red skin on face in places where the humidity is low and the temperatures are cold. There is no rule about red dry skin and every person can be affected by it. The most common places where red dry skin is seen are the face, hands and feet. The main characteristics are fine lines and rough, dry and flaky skin.

The causes of red dry skin on face

Every person in the world knows that the skin is not made of one layer but of several layers. The outermost layer of the skin called stratum corneum is cast off when the skin gets sun burnt. Dead skin cells are the things that the outermost layer consists of and theses dead skin cells are known to contain water and natural oils. These natural oils are being produced from the underlying layers of the skin. Not all people know that these natural oils are very important for holding the water in stratum corneum. However, every person knows that water in the outermost layer of the skin is the thing that is responsible for the soft and smooth skin. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the loss of natural oils from the skin. Some of the most common are soapy water, cold temperatures, exposure to strong chemicals and certain dermatological diseases like eczema and dermatitis. When there is not enough moist in the stratum corneum, the skin will become cracked. Dry skin is a lot more prone to infections and that is why it appears red. Treatment for dry skin on face

The first thing that people with dry skin on face need to do is to determine the actual cause of dryness. When the cause is discovered, people should avoid it. For instance, if the dryness is caused by an inflammation a person can use over-the-counter steroid creams in order to treat it. A lot of people believe that by applying water they will get rid of dryness but the truth is that water only destroys the natural oils in the skin.Hot showers need to be avoided because hot water destroys the natural oils. Using soaps or other cleansing agents needs to be reduced to the minimum in order for the dry skin on face to be prevented. A healthy diet is very important for a healthy skin. A person should eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and proteins in order to have a healthy skin. Moisturizers are important as well and that is why people should use them after every bath.

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