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Every person in the world knows that it is important to smile and how good a person feels when he or she does that. When a person smiles, the happy neurons are released to the brain and that is why people feel so good when they smile. However, some people are not able to smile or restrict themselves in doing so because their teeth are not as white as they think they should be. These people need not worry too much since there are lots of ways a person can better the look of his or her teeth. There are products that can be bought on the market and there are lots of things that can be found in every home and be used for this purpose.

Why do teeth change color?

One of the main reasons why teeth lose the white color are the diets, that people follow, and time. When people get older, the enamel on the teeth becomes more transparent and not as thick as it used to be. Because of that the inner layer called dentin will show through a lot more and that results in the darker look of the teeth. According the experts, the teeth absorb colored liquids throughout the life. Some of the biggest strainers are coffee, tea, red wine and cola.

Who is a good candidate for whitening?

People with yellowish teeth have a better chance to improve the color of their teeth than people with grayish ones. The main reason why that is so, is because grayish teeth are more likely discolored inside the teeth and whitening will not improve the situation.

What works better?

People who want to whiten their teeth at home should use trays and strips. These are thought to be the most effective, according to the dentists. A person who uses these every day will seriously whiten the teeth. Almost all trays and strips should be used for half an hour for duration of seven days.

Home whitening method: brush-on whitening

The principle of brush-on whitening is supposed to be simple. A person simply needs to brush on the formula, let it dry and leave it on the teeth during the time a person sleeps. However, this method is for people who do not want to take the time to improve the color of their teeth the proper way.

Teeth whitening strips

Right after the brush-on method, teeth whitening strips come in second place as the most popular home treatments for teeth whitening. The problem with strips is that they do not cover the teeth all the way. This is why the results are not always satisfactory.

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