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Most of us have felt terrible andannoying pain of a toothache. Some even consider it the worst painone might experience in a lifetime. All things considered, it is anasty state of affairs involving sleepless nights, painful days andinability to function correctly. Since sometimes we are bound to bearthe pain on our own since our dentist is on vacation or the onlyappointment we managed to get is a few days away here are a fewadvices on how to relieve yourself of this nasty, persistent andutterly painful pest called toothache.

First of all, this pain may be causedby numerous factors. A decayed tooth, some other dental or guminfection as well as food trapped between our teeth or an externallycaused injury may all be causes of the toothache agony. Additionally,it may even be connected with our sinuses and have nothing to do withour teeth. That being said, different remedies may work for differentcauses.

First of all rinsing is known to helpgreatly, so, whenever able, rinse with a mouthful of warm water anddecrease pain significantly. Flossing is another excellent tool forfighting toothache so floss, but gently, in order to remove possiblefood leftovers stuck between your teeth without hurting or irritatingyour gums in the process. If the pain can be pinpointed to a singletooth, spirits like whiskey or brandy are known to do the trick.Namely, alcohol numbs the tooth root and the nerve, relieving us ofany pain or reducing the amount of it.

Salt, mixed with warm water doesmiracles while fighting toothache, so rinse with this solutionseveral times a day, especially before going to bed.

Ice and cold application add on to thelist of remedies. Place one or more ice cubes in a cloth and hold onthe troublesome spot for shorter but frequent amounts of time. Whiledoing it, massage the spot; it is known to relieve the pain almostcompletely.

As for the over-the-counter medicines,oil of cloves has proven to be the best choice. Just put one drop inthe aching tooth and experience relief.

As for what not to do, there are alsosome rules. Do not bite with the troublesome tooth to prevent moredamage and pain from taking place. Also, do not expose your tooth toheat but rather expose it to cold and ice in order to stop andprevent infections from occurring.

Finally, keep your mouth closed oropen, depending on what works for you. Some toothaches escalate withthe intake of air while some disappear with the same action so feelfree to find your own painless mouth pose.

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