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Hip fractures in the elderly

A few words about the breakage of a hip

It is a very well known fact that the incidence of the breakage of the hip is very common among the old people. In addition, this common injury is also likely to affect the female population, because of some anatomic reasons. Nevertheless, at this point, it is important to emphasize that not only the breakage of the hip itself is so serious health problem, but the biggest problem are the possible complications which usually follow the damage to this part of the body. That is, this type of injury eventually leads to the decreased blood flow in that area, due to the necessary process of healing, which requires the immobilization of the hip. In the most severe cases, the condition becomes the life-threatening, because there is an increased possibility of the formation of a blood clot, which can trigger the infarct.

In order to avoid this case scenario, it is strongly advisable to stop this injury from happening in the first place, if possible. That means that one should be aware all the time of the real chances that this could happen, and hence, one must consider some measures which should be taken beforehand concerning this matter. For example, this measure could be slowly getting up and sitting down every time; and to carefully practice the other habitual movements.

Some useful advice

Therefore, as far as the habitual domestic actions are concerned, there is a plentiful of the useful advice on how to make the life routine easier, with the help of some tools. For example, very handy is the opener for the jars, since in many cases, there was an accidental breakage of the hip due to the all the strength put on the lid of the jar, which may cause the person to fall on the floor and break the hip that way.  Also, besides in the kitchen, this injury is very likely to happen in the bathroom, since the floor is too slippery. Concerning this matter, specific handrails and the raised toilet seat have been shown to be very useful tools.  When it comes to the bedroom, it is recommendable to have some piece of furniture right beside the bed, in order to make the rising up from it a lot easier.

These advice and the utensils are especially beneficial in the case of the old people who live alone and on their own. Additionally, in such the cases, one should install the alarm in the house.

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