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Even though hip fractures are not that common, they still do occur. People need to know that every person can suffer from a hip fracture at any age but according to the data, most hip fractures occur in people older than 65 years of age. The main reason why that is so is because as people get older, the bones lose minerals and become a lot less dense. It is because of that loss of density that bones become weaker and a lot more prone to fractures.

Hip fractures and older people

Fracturing of the hip is not a small problem and it can be quite troublesome, especially if it happens to elderly people. This health problem is considered to be a serious one, especially due to the fact that complications can even be fatal. However, people need to know that nowadays surgeries help quite a lot in this situation and they are very effective. However, it takes a lot of time for the hip fracture to heal and people need to have patience.

Prevention of hip fractures

First of all, people need to make healthy lifestyle choices when they are in their best years of bone mass building. That age is around 30. Lifestyle choices will also decrease the risk of falls and that ways improve overall health. Building and protecting bone mass is essential. The best way a person can achieve that is by making sure that he or she intakes the right amount of calcium and vitamin D. Making sure that the diet contains enough of these two minerals and vitamins is the best way to achieve that. A person can even use supplements but talking to a doctor before doing that is important. Performing certain exercises that will strengthen the bones and better a person’s balance are important as well. Such exercises are weight bearing like walking and running. A person should exercises for about half an hour at least three times per week. Avoiding alcohol consumption and smoking is an important part of the process of hip fracture prevention. Lowering the risk of falls needs to be done as well.

Lifestyle and home remedies

A person who has suffered from hip fracture needs to have a lot of patience since it is a lengthy process. The key is to regain mobility. A person will participate in a rehabilitation program and there he or she will learn to place weight on the hip gradually. After the break, a person will need aid when he or she walks. Speeding the process of recovery will be done by following the doctor’s instructions.

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