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This problem usually does not need surgery in order to be resolved, but in some cases the surgery will be required. We will try to bring this surgery closer to you by giving several information that some may find useful. Remember that surgery is needed if cartilage is lost in great amount, medications and other forms of treatment are not giving results, if pain is significant and if health is in very good condition. This surgery is performed in order to help with the joints and their movement, and also to decrease the pain, which can be serious in some cases.


This surgery can be performed in several ways. The first one we will talk about is arthroscopy, which will help with the joint movement and short-time reduction of pain. The time of its effects may even be longer. This operation works best for those who get locked joints and experience pain, but, it is necessary to remember that the problem with arthritis will not be eliminated. Next type of surgery is arthrodesis, which connects two bones located in the damaged joint. This surgery can also be used on feet, hand, ankle and spine arthritis. Another type, called joint replacement surgery, is usually performed if other treatments haven't given any results. The damaged joint will be replaced during this procedure. Surgery called hip resurfacing surgery is relatively new, so long-term effects are still unknown. This procedure is commonly used on younger patients with severely damaged hip and pain and it has given very good results in the following eight years after the operation. Some specialist and several studies think that this operation will probably need to be repeated in the future. Osteotomy is performed in order to correct some hip and knee defects. People with mild arthritis and those under 60 years of age are most suitable for this operation. The surgery for the hip replacement will be delayed with this operation.

Surgery that is commonly done when feet or hand pain is serious is small joint surgery. One new approach uses a cushion in a form of a letter C. It is implemented in the knee. All of these surgeries are a matter of choice. If you are not sure if you need it or if you can sustain it, consult your doctor, but remember that physical therapy will take several months and that another operation will surely be needed, since these joints last no more than 20 years. However, the pain will surely be reduced after the surgery. If you decide to go with this surgery, remember to get someone to drive you to the hospital, and keep in mind that steps have to be avoided and that you will probably need handrails. Also, tools like shower stools and long handled sponges are handy items to have.

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