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Protein Food

The busy and stressed everyday life can make us all starvingfor balanced meals. As one of the most the important nutrients there are leanproteins. They are necessary to protect your body from various infections anddiseases. By boosting up the human immune system lean proteins are keeping ushealthy. Don’t worry that if you eat too much protein you will end up lookinglike a Schwarzenegger. It’s a myth. Lean proteins are mainly low in calories andthey won’t make you look like a bodybuilder unless you workout in the gym asthey do. Proteins are essential for the production of your bones and muscles. Thereare many reasons to use lean proteins. They can be useful if you want to provideyour body more energy but also in the cases when you want to lose couple ofpounds.

Eating lean proteins will assist you in losing some weight. Bygaining more muscles, you will increase your basal metabolism and burn fat moreeasily.

Lean Proteins

Usually, the term lean protein indicates these are animalproteins - the meat. These are proteins that can provide the needed energy toyour body but they are without extra fat added. Lean proteins contain othernutrients as well, including iron and vitamin complex B and vitamin K.

Nutritionists recommend eating about 2g of lean proteins pera pound of the weight every day.

The most common sources of lean proteins are meat and fish. Leanbeef is rich in lean proteins, but also in iron and vitamin B complex. Be awarethat beef might contain saturated fat. Always make sure to avoid these piecesof meat and pick flank steak, top round or top sirloin pieces. If you needground beef for a meal, always use at least 90% lean meat.

Chicken breasts and fish are also rich in lean proteins. Useboneless and skinless chicken breasts and remove all visible fat beforecooking. Seafood might also be the good choice for lean proteins.

Most people will say that the only source of lean proteinsis red meat. It’s simply not true. Vegetarians might also find valuable leanproteins in their food.

Eggs and dairy products contain plenty of lean proteins. It isconsidered healthy to eat an egg every day. When choosing dairy products steeraway from high fat cheeses, and use low fat milk, yogurt and cheese instead.

Vegetarians can safely enjoy the beans, since they are greatsources of lean proteins and fibers. Just a cup of beans contain as muchproteins as 6 ounces of the steak. You can find proteins in black, pinto annavy beans, but, also in soy products and different nuts.

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