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Herpes symptoms in men

Herpes Characteristics

Herpes is a condition caused by viral activity upon the organism of the affected person. Namely, both men and women may get exposed to this virus. It mainly manifests itself through redness, muscle pain, and small red blisters appearing on the troublesome spot. There are two types of herpes, oral and genital. Logically, the first one appears on a person's mouth or around this area and the latter on one's genitals and their surroundings. Men have specific symptoms which may help them find out whether they are infected with this virus. This way, they might prevent the virus from escalating and start adequate treatment timely.

Manifestations of Oral Herpes in Men

The first symptom is the appearance of pain and blisters on your mouth. You may experience great discomfort and irritation during exposure to this type of herpes and it may appear either on the external or internal surface of your mouth. When external, this infection mostly affects one's lips. However, inside the mouth, it might spread onto gums, tongue, inner cheeks and even throat. Once herpes reaches the throat, it may be quite dangerous for one's health.

The above mentioned pain is known to get worse in some situations. This mainly happens during eating or drinking. Then, the troublesome spots are irritated and the pain increases making it harder for one to cope with it. Unfortunately, things may go worse since the very blisters may burst causing fluid discharge. After these occurrences, a blister evolves into an ulcer, causing more pain and presenting even a greater threat if not treated.

Manifestations of Genital Herpes in Men

This type of herpes may affect one's penis, scrotum or anus, triggering the appearance of red, painful and irritating bumps. Moreover, all the negative aspects of this viral infection escalate during sexual intercourse, causing severe pain and discomfort. Urinating also becomes a painful process for those with more serious cases of genital herpes. As for those who suffer from less malign cases, they might not even be aware of the disease they are carrying.

When To Get Worried?

Before the appearance of blisters, there are some symptoms which might indicate the onset of a herpes infection. Namely, your genital area might be itchy and you might feel burning sensation over it. Additionally, lymph nodes in your genital and neck area may swell a bit. During this stage of viral activity, you might suffer from fever, headache, sore muscles and similar symptoms.

Finally, the best protection is prevention. Therefore, bearing in mind the fact that genital herpes may only be transferred through sexual intercourse, make sure you wear a condom each time you have sex. If you notice any of the symptoms, however, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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