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Basicfacts one needs to know

Eventhough many are familiar with this plant as one of the fairlyimportant parts of holiday season, and thus the majority is very fond of it dueto the known reasons, not many people are actually aware of itsnatural characteristics. Theplant itself belongs to the category of semi-parasitic plants and it isknown to be a quite frequent inhabitant of a couple of differentvarieties of trees. They include such as apple, oak, maple, elm,pine, and birch, to mention the most prominent and most favorite'habitats'.

Inaddition to belonging to the aforementioned category, mistletoe isalso quite famous for being employed centuries ago as a vital part ofalternative medicine and for the purpose of remedying a number ofailments regarded to be of quite severe nature, like epilepsy,hypertension, headaches, menopausal symptoms, infertility, arthritisand last but not the least, rheumatism.


Havingthis frightening ailment in mind, the therapeutic approaches that areknown as supplemental are also the ones that make the most use ofthis plant. In a number of countries worldwide, especially in Europe,mistletoe extracts are regarded as the best possible remedies andremedial therapies for the people suffering from cancer. Given thefact that people feel more at ease when they have certain concretefacts, i.e. precise names of these products in possession, it might be useful to know that those mostfrequently encountered mistletoe remedial products include suchbrands as – Iscador/Iscar, Eurixor, Helixor, Isorel/Vysorel,Iscucin, Lektinol/Plenosol, Abnoba-viscum.

Asfar as the composition is concerned, it is known to be quitedifferent in different products, and it is determined by a number ofdifferent factors, most prominent of which are the type of the hosttree, the time of the year when mistletoe was harvested,mistletoe species, nature of the extract (fermented or not), methodof preparation (homeopathic or not), the manufacturer. Important toknow about the extracts is that they are made in the form ofsolutions that are grounded in water, as well as the ones grounded inwater and alcohol.

Thosemost vital and cancer relevant constituents mistletoe is endowedwith include such as the following – alkaloids, viscotoxins,lectins. As an anti-cancer remedy, mistletoe extract has beenextensively analyzed because of the fact that it affects the immunesystem in a more than positive manner, it proved to be fatal not onlyfor the mouse and rat cancer cells, but for those human as well, and forproviding an excellent protection for the DNA in the white bloodcells.

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