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It is essential to be as healthy as possible, to try to do everything we can to keep our body and mind in a normal state, if we want to live along and have a quality life. But even though we try to reduce the weight, not eat junk food, not get stressed out over details, not go berserk when our favorite coffee mug breaks in the office (while filled with coffee, of course), not get nervous because of the world economic crisis we read about each day, it is not something that is easily done.

How does one actually reach that harmony state of mind, especially when we live in such a way that we cannot afford time for mediation, serious exercises? Well, if those things cannot be fulfilled, it would be a good thing to try to do something for the body itself. When we are on a diet, or not dieting, when we exercise or are completely passive, one thing is for sure. Our body tends to get filled with toxins and wasteful substances and those should be eliminated because the theory says that those toxins decrease the effectiveness of some of our organs, even decreasing the strength of the immune system. What is used for natural detox process? Of course, herbs only. When it comes to their role in a detox process, it is quite simple, actually. They help us get that material out off our systems, so nothing else is needed.

The herbs

Dandelion is an herb that has the overall great effect for the entire organism and it is said that it has intensively positive effect for the immune system, strengthening it up. As for the toxins, dandelion helps in the bile elimination since it literally helps it move faster through our organism. Other interesting herbs that should be used in a detox process should contain anti oxidants because they help in elimination of free radicals, the substances that can cause a lot of problems if accumulate much in our bodies. Licorice root is a perfect example of such a herb. Even though there are many exotic herbs that should be used, there are those that can be found in most of the kitchens, such as garlic. Its main effect is antiseptic and it also helps with bowel movement.

Herbs are ideal thing to use when it comes to medical prevention and even healing (in cases of some mild conditions, of course). But, that is the point; if medical prevention is performed correctly, there will be no need for hospitals and medications and natural detox with herbs is a thing to do when it comes to that prevention.

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