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Diabetes is a chronic disorder when human body stops producing enough hormone insulin, and as a result, blood sugar level gets high. There are various types of diabetes, type 1 and 2, but type 2 is the most common, and treatments for it are pills or insulin shots. Main goal is to keep blood sugar level under control.

If you have type 2 diabetes, you must do for the rest of your life the following; monitor your blood sugar few times a week or daily, depend on doctor’s advice, exercise regularly - walking or aerobics, at least 30 min. a day, lose excessive weight either trough exercise, diet or both, change and adapt your diet, meaning more whole grain products, vegetables and fruits, and less animal products and sweets, and stop using alcohol, and smoking.

Herbal and Botanical Supplements for Diabetes type 2

Although good diet and exercise should be enough to keep your blood sugar level in control in case of diabetes type 2, there are some other natural and herbal supplements that can help you also. Unfortunately there are still not enough conclusive medical evidence that herbal supplements are effective as diabetes type 2 treatment, so in case you are using them, monitor your blood sugar level carefully, and in case that you use other medications, consult with your doctor about possible unwanted interactions between medicaments and herbal supplements.

Holy basil is one of recommended herbal supplement for type 2 diabetes, and it is traditionally used in India for many centuries as diabetes remedy. Various research and medical studies shows that holy basil can increase secretion of insulin in the body, and lowering the blood sugar level after the meals.

Cinnamon is another excellent herbal supplement for diabetes type 2. Using half of teaspoon of cinnamon per day can significantly improve your triglyceride, cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the body.

Ginseng as an herbal remedy is used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Studies shows that roots of both Asian and American ginseng plants can lower your blood sugar levels significantly. Also the berries from ginseng plant can improve insulin sensitivity in the body of patients with diabetes type 2.

Aloe Vera is another very efficient herb with long tradition and has many powerful healing properties. Aloe Vera juice is excellent herbal remedy for lowering blood sugar level with diabetes type 2 patients, and it can also be used in a from of dried sap.

Other useful herbal supplements in cases of diabetes type 2 are Milk thistle, Bitter melon, Psyllium and Fenugreek.

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