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Mechanisms for controlling blood sugar may be repaired by eliminating unhealthy oils from the diet. Healthy and beneficial fat should be consumed instead. This means consuming only flax oil, fish oil, and sometimes cod liver oil until blood sugar level becomes stable. After that, butter, coconut oil, olive oil and clean animal fat can be brought back into the diet. People with diabetes suffer from a chronic lack of minerals, so they have to compensate them by taking mineral supplements.

Herbs for the Regulation of Blood Sugar Level

Dandelion leaves contain plenty of vitamin. Also they are rich in vitamins B, C and G, as well as in calcium, phosphorus and iron. Besides that they contain natural sodium, which acts as blood purifier. Dandelion root may be used in the form of tonic for purifying secretory organs and improving their transiency. Dandelion is also used for stimulating urine excretion and regulating blood sugar level. In the spring, it is recommended to apply therapy including fresh dandelion stalks. Therapy should last for 14 days and 6 stalks per day should be used. Flower head should be removed after the plant washing. Dandelion stalk initially has a bitter taste. Later, it becomes juicy and pleasant. Diabetics are advised to eat 10-15 dandelion stalks a day in its flowering period. Raspberry fruits clean the body. Earlier, it was considered that raspberry can help in starting and the elimination of stones from the bile and kidneys. Raspberry branch tea is a good remedy for treating cold, flu and difficulties in breathing, and also helps in regulating blood sugar level. Cinnamon increases the activity of insulin. A spoon of cinnamon a day significantly reduces blood sugar level. A key ingredient of Jerusalem artichoke is inulin - a polysaccharide containing fructose. As inulin decomposition does not lead to increased level of glucose and insulin in the blood. Jerusalem artichoke is excellent food for diabetics. Also, rye, oat and corn may be very helpful in controlling blood sugar level.

Mushrooms for Diabetics

Lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum) is a medicinal mushroom. It is not edible because it is too woody. It grows on oak tree, the tree stumps and other tree species throughout the year. This fungus is excellent herbal cure for HIV, cancer, blood pressure and blood sugar, rheumatism, heart problems, paralysis, ulcers, asthma, fatigue, hepatitis type A, B and C, insomnia, mumps, epilepsy, alcoholism, and so on. When it comes to diabetes, Lingzhi supplements the lack of insulin and recover the pancreas function. In addition, there is no side effects like there is while using insulin injections. As it has the woody structure, Ganoderma lucidum can't be used in the diet, but it can be consumed in the form of tea and in combination with other medicinal species. The dried powder of Shaggy Mane is especially useful in the treatment of diabetes. It regulates blood sugar, relieves inflammation in the body and, above all, prevents cardiovascular diseases caused by diabetes. Lawyer's wig preserves pancreatic cells that produce insulin. Just one hour after consuming the Coprinus comatus powder, blood glucose level is reduced by 41.3%. Three hours later, sugar will still be reduced by 31%. Even after six hours, blood sugar level is 20% less than before the introduction of Coprinus powder. There is no difference between reduction of blood sugar by Shaggy Mane and anti-diabetic drugs. This mushroom has no side and adverse effects.

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