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Diabetes is a chronic disorder in which human body stops producing enough hormones called insulin, and as a result, blood sugar level gets high. There are various types of diabetes, type 1 and 2, for instance. In type 1, pancreas produce little or no hormone called insulin.

There is no cure for type 1 diabetes, and if untreated it can be very dangerous, even deadly.In addition, level of blood sugar depends of the way you live, eat, exercise, take medication for other disease, drink or smoke and in stress. Also in pregnancy, monitoring of diabetes is very important, because in this state, therapy or medications must be adapted.

But it can be managed, and with right treatments, people can expect to lead more or less, a normal lives.

In many cases, once diabetes is diagnosed, it can be in much progressed stage. There are several cases that require immediate treatment.If left untreated, it may lead to serious consequences (seizures or even comma);


Low blood sugarAlso called hypoglycemia, it is a condition when blood sugar drops bellow normal body level. It can occur for various reasons, including excessive physical activities and skipping meals. You can also develop hypoglycemia during the night. The symptoms are shakiness, sweating, confusion and drowsiness.If you have signs of this condition, you can drink more water, eat something sweet and rest for a while.

High blood sugarAlso known as hyperglycemia, it can happen for various reasons, including over eating or not taking you daily diabetes medication. The symptoms are dry mouth, blurred vision, frequent urinating, thirst, fatigue etc. You should regullary take your medications and check blood sugar.

Increased ketones in urineAlso known as diabetic ketoacidosis, it occurs in cases when the cells in your body need extra energy, starts breaking fat in the body, and as a result, produces toxic acids called ketones. The symptoms are vomiting, loss of appetite, and among others, sweet and fruity smell on your breath. You can consult with your doctor for therapy, after he checks for level of ketones in your urine. You can also find test kits in the stores. This state is more common in diabetes type 1.


Exact causes of type 1 diabetes are unknown. Doctors only know that in cases of this type anti immune system in the body mistakenly destroys hormone insulin cells in the pancreas. Way of life, genetics or stress may have something with it.


In type 1, treatment is pills or insulin shots, or both. If insulin is required, there are many kits in the market to apply it yourself, as well as blood sugar control kits. Contact your doctor about recommendations.

Taking care

If you have it, you must do the following;-loss excessive weight -monitor your blood sugar (few times a week or daily, depend on doctor’s advice)-to exercise regularly (walking or aerobics, at least 30 min. a day)-changing and adapt your diet (more vegetables, fruits, whole grain products, and less sweets and animal products, avoid alcohol and smoking, etc.)-type 1 diabetes compromises immune system of the body (take immunization shots regularly, flu every year and tetanus once in 10 years)-take care of your teeth (diabetes 1 affect your gum)-take care of your feet (when you spot some foot problem that doesn’t heal for a longer time)-keep your cholesterol and blood pressure under control

And, above all, stay on the positive side. If you apply this new health habits properly, you can enjoy active and normal life.

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