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It is strongly recommended to enhance function ofthe adrenal glands because of their important function in the body system, andit can be done with the use of certain herbs and supplements. The adrenalglands are small triangular organs located on top of each kidney. These glandsare part of the endocrine system and have an important role in the body. Theadrenal glands produce many hormones important for normal growth anddevelopment. These hormones also regulate kidney function, body’s reaction tostressful situations and affect blood pressure, blood sugar levels, mood andsome sexual characteristics. In case of impaired adrenal function, a person maysuffer from many serious health problems. Overproduction of adrenal hormonescan cause Cushing’s syndrome while insufficient production of these hormonesleads to Addison’s disease.

Herbs and Vitamins for Adrenal Glands

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important for general well being. Forthe adrenal glands, this vitamin is vital for rebuilding and restoring healthof the adrenal. For people with adrenal disorders it is recommended to takehigher than normally recommended doses of vitamin C.

Folic AcidFolic acid or vitamin B9 is beneficial toindividuals who are under constant stress or have adrenal problems, becausethey are usually deficient in this vitamin. Folic acid is vital for regulationof mood as well as for cellular health. Also, it is recommended to take folicacid when taking high doses of vitamin C.

Vitamin B12This vitamin should take anyone who suffers fromdecreased function of the adrenal glands. With intake of vitamin B12 one canprevent adverse effects of impaired adrenal function like mood and mentalproblems.

Ashwagandha RootThis herb is excellent remedy for those withadrenal exhaustion. If the adrenal glands do not work properly, the body cannoteffectively cope with stress. However, with the help of Ashwaganda root thebody will successfully deal with stress, anxiety, nervousness and mood swings.

Pantothenic AcidPanthotenic acid or vitamin B5 is vital for theadrenal glands since it stimulates production of adrenal hormones as well asproduction of energy.

Rhoidola Rosea Root

This herb supports the functioning of the adrenalglands and promotes healthy response to stress by regulating stress-relatedhormones. It can also increase energy levels and help with erectiledysfunction, which is commonly caused by adrenal fatigue.

Licorice Root

Licorice root is a herbal remedy used for treatingmany ailments. This herb helps to increase energy levels, endurance andvitality. It also prevents breakdown of adrenal hormones which makes themavailable to the body.

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