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Anyone who has a pet for a friend, knows pets are great companions, they are stress relievers and practice dependents, and they also have the power to help when trying to conceive a baby. They have the power to heal emotionally and help you through the toughest times of trying to conceive journey. a couple was trying to conceive and like most couples they battled with fertility problems, their journey was full of emotional highs and lows. The only thing they could always rely at that moments was the unconditional love of their terrier-mix mutt like the dog knew when they received a negative pregnancy test she would put her head on woman's lap and gave her soulful look with her sparkling brown eyes, saying everything is going to be fine.

Numerous medical studies prove that having a furry creature can lower your blood pressure and most of all provide you with a calming effect. "There is no direct prove that petting a dog or a cat can help you conceive a child, but it can definitely give you a five-minute vacation from the pressures of life", says Bonnie V. Beaver, D.V.M., president of The American Veterinary Medical Association and professor at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. However, there is an indirect link between pets and better chances of conception: petting as form of de-stressing can only be helpful when trying to conceive.

There are also studies available that caring for a person or an animal also helps in transition into parenthood by giving a person a primer course of responsibility, because when person cares for an animal it shifts the focus to someone who needs your care, someone other than yourself. Additionally, a pet brings a sense of playfulness into person's life: something that you will need when you have a baby. Of course it is important to bring out at that place that a pet does not take the place of a baby, but it can help a couple to prepare for the arrival of a new member of a family. However, once that day comes, when the baby arrives, a pet has to be prepared for the arrival.

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