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Consuming many sorts of the herbs can reduce the cholesterol level in your blood, but keep one thing on your mind: Herbs can't fully correct the ongoing problem of high cholesterol level in your blood. Many of those herbs, good for lowering the cholesterol level in your blood do it indirectly, by improving the blood circulation.

Which herbs to use?

If you have serious cholesterol problem, you need to consume these herbs together with changing your diet and your lifestyle. It is important because no medication or herb will help you reduce cholesterol level if you do nothing to reduce it. Herbs stated below are just your helpers, but the one who has to do the greatest deal of fighting is you. So, note that the usage of herbs is good for prevention and as a good help in fighting to lower cholesterol levels in your blood.


Garlic strengthens your immune system, it is natural antibiotic and it cleans the cholesterol from walls of your blood vessels. It is also known for having anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and antiseptic properties, and it is good for your digestive system. The best way for consuming garlic is chopped and raw.

Green tea

Some recent studies proved that green tea can increase level of HDL cholesterol (the good one) and lower triglycerides and LDL cholesterol (bad one) level. Green tea has much more beneficial properties: strengthens the immune system, it is a powerful antioxidant; it fights cancer and prevents many heart diseases. It should be consumed on a daily basis.


The very good source of soluble fiber. When consumed, it absorbs cholesterol and lowers the amount of cholesterol absorbed by your digestive system, lowering the concentration of LDL in your blood. It is also a very good cleaner of your digestive system.

Red Yeast Rice

It is well-known fighter against cholesterol. It fights cholesterol by lowering the concentration of LDL in your blood. For a long time, it has been used for lowering the cholesterol level within medications. If you want to avoid side-effects and tend to nature, the best way for consuming it is as food. However, people with liver disease, serious infections or kidney disease, as well as little children and nursing women should consult their physician first, as this type of rice may be unsafe for them to use.

Some other herbs

Alfalfa, licorice root, reishi mushrooms, siberian ginseng, flaxseeds, tomatos and many other are also known for their ability to fight cholesterol.

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