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Take a teaspoon of it per one day. Garlic can boost up your immune system, and some studies revealed that taking the 5 ml of garlic per day can reduce a chance of a disease-causing chemical by almost a half. Some other studies showed that garlic can prevent some kinds of cancer and that it reduces brain aging.
There's no need to excess, but walking for a mile or two per day or doing some reasonable exercises on a daily basis, will reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and it will strengthen your body and make you feel better.
The importance of consuming whole-grain bread, pasta or rice instead of white one, will reduce the chance of getting cancer by almost a half.
Fruits and vegetables
Have as much fruits and vegetables you can on a daily basis, especially tomatoes, broccoli and red grapes. This will reduce the chance of getting stroke, cancer and many other diseases.
No to burgers
A third of all coronary diseases are caused by an unhealthy diet. Burgers and other types of fast food are rich with salts, cholesterol, fats and other harmful substances. Fast food is the main reason for obesity.
Eating fish instead of pork will greatly reduce the chance of getting some heart disease. Some types of fish are full of omega-3 fatty acids, which may help you prevent your blood vessels. Fish is also good for your immune system.
Decrease salt consumption
Average man will consume 12 grams of salt per day, although is no more than 5 is recommended. Excess salt can cause the rise of blood pressure, which leads to stroke.
A glass of wine
One or two glasses of wine per day can lower the risk of getting cancer and some heart diseases. Don't excess, though.
A cup of coffee
A cup of coffee per day can lower the risk of colon cancer, gallstones, cirrhosis, Parkinson disease and asthma.
Tea can decrease the chance you suffer some heart condition. Heavy tea drinkers have less than a half chance to die of heart attack than normal population. The more tea you take the better.
Get rid of excess weight
Every excess kilogram you have will reduce your life duration for 20 weeks. Needles to say more.
Avoid crash-diets
They don't work. On a long-term basis, it is better to lose your kilograms gradually than to find some simple and fast solution. Those simple solutions will often crash your immune system and your body will not get all nutrition it needs.
Take selenium
This substance is known for its protection against cancer. Selenium can be found in Brazil fish, nuts and wheat.
Lower cholesterol
Cholesterol is a silent killer. LDL (bad type of cholesterol) can lead to heart, cardiovascular and liver diseases, stroke and many types of cancer.
Take Aspirin
Aspirin will greatly reduce the chance of getting some types of cancer and every heart and blood vessel disease.
Have sex
Regular sex will improve hormone balance in your body, boost your immune system up and strengthen your heart muscle.
Find a hobby, socialize, sing, meditate, exercise, sing... Anything that will help you relax and get stress free. Stress can lead to many diseases, as it weakens the immune system.
Quit smoking
Cigarette is a killer. It is the main cause for many heart disease, lung, pancreatic, throat and mouth cancer.
Regular sleeping will boost and strengthen your immune system and help your mental health. Try to sleep for 7 hours at least.

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