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Meeting with the problem of cholesterol

High level of cholesterol is problem which affects many people nowadays. If not taken care properly, this blood disturbance can result as stroke and heart attack. The best way to prevent those fatal consequences is facing with the problem in the early phase, which considers regularly taken blood tests, and, furthermore, proper diet for each individual which suffer from high level of cholesterol in blood.

The best food for lowering the cholesterol

Once patient is faced with this health problem, must take a good care of the quality, as well as the amount of food intake. Diet must be consisted of nutrients which help in weight losing, as well as improving the quality of the blood. It is very good to know that soups help a lot in this disease. Benefits of the soups toward cholesterol level are various.

Soups are low in calories, but at the other hand, make an impression of the full stomach which helps us not to feel hungry anymore. Beside that, soups stimulate the production of digestive juices, which helps our metabolism to digest faster. Of course this isn’t the rule for greasy soups, which abound in animal fats gained in cooking process. So if that is the case, it is essentially important to remove all fat and grease from the meal (the easiest way to do that is to put prepared soup in refrigerator, which will after few hours separate the layer of fat on the top of it, and that way, make it possible to remove).

Some kinds of meats also play a great part in lowering the cholesterol level in blood (such as chicken, turkey, fish as sturgeon, tuna and perch, and so on), but only if they are prepared in the proper way. It is highly recommended to avoid prime and choice grades of the beef, veal and lamb, as well as the pork, fried meats, bacon and ham because they are very rich in fats. The best way to prepare fat- free meat meal is to cook it only on water or small amount of olive oil. Instead of greasy meat dressing it is recommended to use vegetable flavors such as parsley, celery, pickles, paprika, cucumbers, onions and so on.

Some fruits also have shown success in reducing the cholesterol level such as pears, peaches, apricots, tomatoes and so on.

Foods which also help healing this blood disorder are cereals, some kind of breads, salads and beverages.

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