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High Cholesterol and Treatment Modalities

Increased level of cholesterol especially LDL cholesterol is huge risk factor for atherosclerosis and consequent medical conditions such as heart attack and stroke. People may be genetically predisposed to high level of cholesterol or their diet contains lots of fats and this is the reason why the level of cholesterol is so high. Cholesterol can be easily brought under control with proper diet. For those who cannot reduce the level of cholesterol with healthy and well-balanced diet there are numerous medications available. These medications have certain side effects and some people try to find appropriate solution in herbs. It has been established that some herbs and plants really possess power to reduce the level of cholesterol in blood.

Herbs for High Cholesterol

Lemon grass and calendula officinalis are only two herbs which are good in reduction of cholesterol. They are available in a form of tincture and are rather effective.

Most remedies that are used in reduction of cholesterol contain vitamin C, E and garlic. They can be used together with regular therapy prescribed by the doctor. Vitamin E cannot directly make influence on the reduction of increased cholesterol. It is more effective in protection of free radicals that are, among other things, caused by the presence of LDL or so called 'bad cholesterol'. Vitamin C is a helper of vitamin E and can successfully enhance the level of 'good' HDL cholesterol. Among other vitamins Niacin has been investigated and it has been confirmed that Niacin can be efficient in problems regarding cholesterol.

Garlic can efficiently decrease the level of cholesterol in blood. Apart from garlic psyllium is another option. Some supplements such as inositol hexaniacinate, red yeast rice or guggul may be able to be used but they must not be combined with regularly prescribed medications. Inositol hexaniacinate can raise HDL cholesterol and reduce LDL cholesterol in only three months.

Red yeast rice is effective in deceleration of cholesterol formation. On the other side gugulipid enhance the body to metabolize 'bad' cholesterol.Additional herbs that are also good in case of increased cholesterol in blood are alfalfa, asafetida, common thistle, devil's claw, evening primrose, fenugreek, green tea, licorice, linden, and many more. Even fruit and vegetables such as apple, avocado and carrots can be effective. So it is no wander that many remedies that are aimed to fight against increased level of cholesterol actually contain some of the previously mentioned herbs or plants.

Apart from standard medications and a variety of remedies one should intensively focus onto the healthy diet and significantly reduce intake of saturated fats and foods rich in cholesterol.

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