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Although it produces no symptoms for decades, high cholesterol level in the bloodstream is a dangerous thing. Slowly, it leads to inducing heart diseases. Heart failure is the cause of death for one third of the world population, and it shortens longevity by a decade or a decade and a half. Cholesterol in the blood resembles wax, and it is not hard to guess that it tends to stick to the blood vessel walls.

Having high cholesterol is a factor that contributes the most to developing a heart condition. However, there are natural solutions you could use to lower the level of the most dangerous type of cholesterol in your body. Thus you will dramatically reduce your chances of getting a heart disease.

As we have previously said, cholesterol in the bloodstream sticks to the walls of blood vessels. It narrows them down, constricting them and reducing the amount of blood that can travel through them. Therefore, the heart is under much more stress since it has to work much harder to keep the same amount of blood flowing through a narrower pathway, at the same rate. Also, the accumulation of plaque on the arteries hardens the arteries, and this condition is called atherosclerosis. In cases it appears in the area close to the heart, it can lead to inducing the heart attack.

Nature has the key

Luckily, there are natural measures that you can take in order to reduce the level of cholesterol in your bloodstream. There are medications that can do the same, but since they can produce side effects, it is always better to opt for natural solutions since they are the safest. A healthy nutrition plan is the basis for lowering cholesterol level the natural way. First and foremost it needs to be well balanced. There are some rules, as well as tips, to be followed to ensure the safe road to lowering cholesterol level.

Specific nutrients

There are some specific foods that are highly encouraged when it comes to decreasing the level of cholesterol the natural way. Here we have, for example, fish meat, omega 3 acids, tomato, whole grain products, vegetables with high fiber content, carrot juice. Now, garlic is a star here. It is known for quite a lot of time for its potential to lower the level of LDL, also known as the “bad” cholesterol, and at the same time boost the level of the good cholesterol (HDL) which cleans up the blood vessels of the plaque.

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