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Milk thistle for liver detox

This particular plant is a flowering one with sharp thorns on its margins. Originally it is from Mediterranean Europe, North America and Middle East and is in the Asteraceae family of plants. For over 2000 years Milk Thistle has been in use for medical purposes in treating liver and gall bladder problems. Flavonoid compound is a biologically active component of Milk Thistle. Silymarin is the medical name for it.

Majority of hormones and enzymes that are needed for digestion are synthesized in the liver tissue or packed in the parenchyma of the liver. Because of that, liver is the most important part of the metabolism. Hence, all the toxins that enter a person's system through either environment or food, can damage the liver. The human body can defend itself from a certain amount of these toxins but will get overpowered eventually. When that happens, the toxins start to pile up inside the tissues and can cause diseases like cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver carcinoma and many others.

Silymarin inhibits Cytochrome P450 enzyme and because of that, the production of lots of toxins becomes less obvious. This active ingredient of Milk Thistle will protect the new liver cells from the toxins that can harmful. Besides being a good antioxidant, Silymarin lessens the troubles caused by hepatitis as well.

Studies have proven that Silymarin helps with lots of liver problems and is considered to have legitimate therapeutic advantages. In Europe, doctors advise patients with viral hepatitis or some kind of chronic liver disease to consume this extract. Extract from Milk Thistle is known to help those who have seriously hurt their liver with alcohol drinking. Some researchers claim that even small gall bladder stone can be healed in about 4 months if a person takes Milk Thistle extract. Some animal studies have shown, that the extract from this plant can counteract the toxic effect of mushroom poisoning.

Milk Thistle liver detox facts

Liver is a very important organ in the human body. It creates cholesterol, urea and secretes bile which is needed for fat digestion and a vast number of enzymes which are essential for living and metabolism among other things. Vitamins A, D and B12, iron and copper are all stored inside the liver. Liver also destroys almost all substances which can be found in blood and can cause damage.

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