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Liver and the most common diseases of this organ

A number of health conditions is related to the liver, an organ that has various functions in the body, but all of them of enormous importance to one’s health. Some of them are detoxification, storage of glycogen, synthesis of the plasma proteins and production of hormones and enzymes that are necessary for the process of the digestion. Having in mind the number of functions, it is not hard to conclude that a great number of diseases may be caused by improper liver function, just as there is a wide range of diseases that can affect this organ. Some of them may be congenital and inherited; while some of them may be developed due to various factors and circumstances, but the fact is that the people should do all they can to keep this organ healthy, because life without it would not be possible. This is why, it is necessary to visit the doctor as soon as the first alarming symptoms are noticed, and regardless of the condition in question, some of the most frequent signs that are common for the majority of liver related conditions are pain and swelling in the abdomen, pale or bloody stool, dark urine, nausea, constant tiredness, discoloration of skin and yellowing of the eyes, and the loss of appetite. Although the majority of liver diseases is not serious, the doctor will make the diagnosis and suggest the treatment. However, when it comes to the alternative methods of the treatment, even though herbs are generally considered to be safe and without side effects, when it comes to the treatment of liver problems, their use should be discussed with the doctor, because there are some that are not recommended in every case.

Helpful herbs in the treatment of liver diseases

The good thing about this organ is that it tends to regenerate on its own, even when damaged. What can help in this process besides medications is certainly healthier lifestyle, but also the use of certain herbs and herbal preparations. Among the most recommended is definitely milk thistle, which contains flavonoids, very powerful antioxidants that protect the liver, particularly from toxins and heavy metals. These flavonoids or those that are similar to them can also be found in ginger, garlic, leaves of grapes and rosemary. Besides this one, licorice is also helpful, because it has the potential to neutralize toxins, thus protecting it and making it stronger and healthier at the same time. Bupleurum is an herb that has proven to be very helpful in the treatment of hepatitis. The herbs that have the ability to reduce the damage of this organ are ginseng, tur5meric, and reishi mushroom.

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