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Gingivitis is a condition where an individual suffers from redish, swollen and sensitive gums. A person with gingivitis will have bleeding gums from time to time. The thing is that infection forms pockets between teeth. These pockets are easily broken and can bleed. Later on gingivitis can cause receding gums or even falling out of teeth. Abscesses can be created in teeth. Gingivitis often causes bad breath.

In order to have strong and healthy teeth and gums children must learn how to brush their teeth properly. If a person has poor oral hygiene plaque will stay on teeth as well as remains of the food which can lead to gingivitis and other oral illnesses. In order to eliminate both plaque and remains of food it is important to brush teeth in the morning and in the evening and to floss regularly. To much plaque will erode teeth or form abscess and later in life can cause receding gums and losing teeth. To avoid this both proper oral hygiene and visiting dentist on regular basis are advisable.

Tooth crowding can also result in gingivitis.

In order to have healthy teeth and gums you need to have good balanced diet. Eat as much vegetables and fruit, especially apples and carrots, as they clean teeth when eaten raw. You need to have enough vitamin C to prevent gingivitis. Vitamin A will maintain healthy mucous membrane. Vitamin E can help in healing damaged mucous membrane. Calcium and silica will support the health of jaw bones and teeth. Taking zinc supplements will boost your immunity system and strengthen your bones. Niacin supplements can prevent gingivitis. Coenzyme Q10 is beneficial on gingivitis too.

There are many herbal supplements which have positive impact on oral cavity.

You can rinse mouth with herbal teas such as sage, chamomile, peppermint and tormentil tea. You can boil leaves of blueberry, raspberry or blackberry and use them for rinsing mouth.

Horsetail tea, juice or tincture is beneficial on gingivitis.

Chewing dried or fresh rose hips will give your body vitamin C and prevent gingivitis.

Massaging gums with myrrh tincture will treat swollen gums.

Baking soda can be used instead of tooth paste to stop gingivitis.

Vitamin E from capsule can be applied directly onto bleeding gums.

Stress can cause decrease of salivation and higher the chances for getting gingivitis.

Proper breathing that is breathing through both the nostrils can lower down the risk of oral problems.

Silver amalgam since toxic can infect gums if a tooth became loose.

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