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Many people have warts on hands. The reason for that is infection with so called human papilloma virus (HPV).

Scientists did not find cure for HPV but our immunity system if healthy and strong can eliminate it within a couple of years. However, even if we get rid of HPV virus there is no guarantee that we cannot be infected again.

Warts on hands cause embarrassment in a person they can itch, bleed and generally irritate you. Good thing is that they begin they will not become cancerous.

You can remove warts from hands using natural remedies or different products sold in pharmacies but they will most probably appear again. The better option would be to strengthen your immunity system which will then stop warts from emerging.

The warts have the same color as your skin and are uneven. They emerge on hands, fingers and on feet.

Warts are highly contagious. You can get infected if you touch an infected person or even if you share the same objects or touch the same surfaces with him or her.

There are several types of warts.

The first group is common warts – they are rough round or irregularly shaped growing on hands, elbows or knees. They are skin colored and completely painless.

The second group is plantar warts –dotted growing on the bottom of your feet. Due to pressure caused by weight of your body they can be very painful.

The third group are genital warts-appear close to your vagina or inside cervix or around anus.

If you visit your doctor he or she will probably freeze, cut or burn them off. These treatments are effective but very expensive and can leave scars. After some while warts can grow back.

There are few home remedies that may also help.

The first on the list of effective solutions on warts is apple cider vinegar. You can rub Vaseline around your warts to protect your skin and then soak a cotton ball into apple cider vinegar and put on the wart. Wrap it up and leave during night. Repeat the process several times.

Believe it or not nail polish remover proved excellent on removing warts. Apply it on the wart and leave it for some time. Repeat until you peel off the whole wart.

Another thing that you can rub in your wart is castor oil. You again need to wrap it up and leave overnight.

Good thing would be to strengthen your immunity system using multivitamin or herbal supplements. Good herbs for immunity system are Echinacea, garlic, aloe vera etc.

Propolis is also excellent you can take tablets of propolis and rub a proplis cream into your warts.

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