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Genital warts are extremely contagious disease caused by certain types of human papilloma virus. The disease is sexually transmitted and occurs after the exposure to the virus during variety of sexual intercourse (genital, oral and anal sex). The predilection place of the warts is penis in men and in women they tend to form on cervix, vagina or labia. Both genders may have warts in anal region.

The surgical procedures are performed in those cases which have not reacted onto the creams or other treatment modalities and in cases of widespread of genital warts. There are certain risks especially if the warts are present in particular region such as near urethra or anus. In these cases scaring may lead to additional problems.

Surgical removal of genital warts includes several approaches. They can be surgically resected electrocauterized, removed with cryotherapy or eliminated by laser.

Surgical Excision

Prior this surgery a patient is given local anesthesia so that the whole region becomes numb. In this procedure a surgeon uses a scalpel or specially designed scissors and cuts the wart. There is not too much blood during excision. In case the bleeding is prolonged a surgeon mainly uses electrocauter or blood clotting substances which he or she places onto the bleeding spot. Stitches are mainly unnecessary. The wound heals within three weeks. Electrocauterisation

In this surgical procedure a surgeon uses electorcauter and removes the warts. This is rather fast and effective approach as while electrocauter cuts the wart it instantly takes care of potential bleeding. One more procedure called Electrosurgical Excision or LEEP uses a small wire loops places it onto the root of the wart and with it the wart is being shaved away.


Cryosurgery includes application of liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen freezes the warts and they liquefy. The problem is that nitrogen can get in contact with surrounding healthy tissue and lead to blisters. The pain after the thawing of warts may be intensive.

Laser Therapy

Laser rays applied onto the warts burns them and remove completely. This effect is like the one in electrocauterisation. Laser treatment is performed in case all other options failed to give positive results.

The minor pain and discomfort can follow each of these procedures. So the patients are advised to stay in bed and rest for the day and may be advised to take certain pain killers. They are also advised to abstain from sex for at least three weeks as the healing process lasts that long.

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