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There are many herbs for women to choose from, and the variety can be somewhat daunting to a beginner in herbal supplements.

The Woes of a Woman

Women have the ability to house a child for nine months, produce milk as well as being naturally intuitive, and sensitive to unseen energies. A woman’s hormonal alterations assure that women also become wise with their age. However women also unfortunately have to deal with an array of health issues which can start with puberty and can hit as late as the menopause. As well as these two, there are also the monthly cycles to endure and the hormonal fluctuations, ovulation, pregnancy, in addition to lactation. Some women unluckily suffer from pre-menstrual, or menopausal tensions, and this can include irritability, uterine discomfort, headache, mood swings, bloating, breast tenderness, nausea, and even insomnia. Plus a number of women have to deal with uterine fibroids, breast and ovarian cysts, yeast infections, cervical dysplasia, vaginal dryness, and incontinence. Yes, there are many issues that women have to somehow deal with.

Woman’s Aliments

Cancer of the breast tissue will take the life of over forty four thousand women every year and the rest will be left with disfiguring surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Osteoporosis is another major concern as well as heart problems, in fact there are around thirty six percent of women the US that pass away due to heart disease.Angelica- Herb of Angels

The plants root and its leaves give a warmth, strength, and energy to a woman’s reproductive organs, on top of helping the digestive, circulatory, and endocrine systems. In China, it is thought of as an ultimate female tonic. There are some side effects with taking this particular supplement such as an increased sexual pleasure and libido, alleviation of constipation, a rosy complexion, and a deeper sleep, most people will consider these to be positive side effects. The herb of angels contains antioxidants, vitamins A, B, B12, and E. The vitamin E will assist in keeping a woman’s skin, internal organs and tissues, well lubricated, moist and supple. As it also has a high content of iron, it will nourish and build the blood, and also help to avoid anemia as well as increase a woman’s vital energy. It does not stop there, this plant also has phytosterols, glycocides, saponins, and flavonoids and these provide support to the body’s production of all significant hormones, calm down emotional swings, slow down hot flashes and calm irritability.

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