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Each of us is characterised by different traits, and that can also be applied to the metabolism as well. Some people have rather fast ones and that is why they crave food all the time, while others have lazy ones and nothing seems to be able to change this. Well, think again. All the conventional means, medications and drugs cannot compensate for the benefits herbal medicines have, especially, when proper functioning of the metabolism is concerned and also curbing of the craves.

The best herbal metabolism boosters

Green tea extract – it is a well known fact that green tea is rich in catechins, antioxidants known to have the potential to boost metabolism, and its fat burning mechanisms. Numerous studies have proven that those who drink 690 mg of this tea, on a daily basis, will lose significantly more weight in 3-4 months time than those who do not drinking green tea. Recommended are Puritan’s Pride Green Tea Extract capsules – two 400 mg capsules per day. Possible side effects due to over consuming - diarrhea. Fish Oil – since rich in omega-3 fatty acids it has the ability to influence body’s fat consumption by making body use that fat as a fuel instead of just storing it. The general effectiveness of fish oil is also increased when combined with regular daily physical activity. It is recommended to use Nordic Naturals Omega and Ultimate Omega Fish Oil gels (soft) – 1000 – 2000 mg pro day. Possible side effects due to over consuming are sleep disturbances. Gymnema Sylvestre is an extract from a plant originating in Africa and India. What numerous researches have proven and shown is that this extract has the potential to diminish taste ability, especially when sweet tastes are in question. Recommended are Puritan’s Pride Gymnema Sylvestre and Ayurceutics Gymnema capsules – 300 mg 2/3 times in the course of the day. Possible side effects are low blood sugar. Guggul – this medication is primarily employed when alleviating pain in the joint area and in the joints themselves, also in decreasing cholesterol levels in blood, and helping during weight loss periods. Best recommendation is to use Banyan Botanical Triphala Guggulu capsules – 500 mg, 3 times per day in the course of three months. Reishi Mushrooms – this ancient and often used herb in traditional medicine of China is employed for boosting strength and also immunity and its mechanism, as well as to ward off excessive tiredness and fatigue. Another area where this herb has found its use, is in treating conditions such as hypertension.

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