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Gymnema sylvestre, miracle fruit, Gymnema, Gurmari or Meshasringa is a climber plant, native to tropical forests of India. The plant belongs to the family known as Asclepidiaceae and has been used for literally thousands of years in native Indian medicine. Usually, Gymnema sylvestre is used to treat heightened blood sugar (condition known as hyperglycemia), although its benefits for hyperglycemia patients hasn’t been proved scientifically.

Doctors believe that the ingredients called gymnemic acids are those responsible for anti-diabetic properties of this herb. Additionally, the same active compounds have shown some anti-sweetening and anti-inflammatory abilities. You must be aware that the recommended treatment depends on the usage of correct dose of Gymnema sylvestre. Correct dose may be beneficial for your medical condition, while overdose can be responsible for certain health complications.

Use of Gymnema Sylvestre

Herbalists researching the benefits of this plant came to conclusion that the leaves of the Gymnema sylvestre contain substance similar to sugar. Because of that, chewing the leaves may rescue the craving for sweets, especially in people who are already dealing with high blood sugar. Diabetes patients are advised to use Gymnema sylvestre combined with some other ingredients. Most common combinations are Gymnema sylvestre with cinnamon, huckleberry and bitter melon, but there are also some with biotin, zinc or chromium.

This plant is also believed to be very helpful for people trying to lose some extra weight or lower heightened cholesterol in the blood.

Patients suffering from anemia, osteoporosis or heart problems are also frequently using Gymnema sylvestre for herbal treatment of their conditions.

How Much Gymnema Should You Use

In most cases, herbalists will recommend using either root or leaves of Gymnema sylvestre. On the market, you can find many products made of this plant, including some tablets, extracts or sometimes even herbal tea mixtures containing Gymnema sylvestre. The dose you should take mainly depends on the reason of using the herb, but also on the standardization value of the product you are going to use.

As already stated, there are no clinical researches that prove the safety or recommend the strength of the herb that should be used. Because of that, it is very important never to prescribe Gymnema sylvestre dose yourself, but to find a trustworthy and licensed herbalist to consult.

However, there are some guidelines that might be helpful. When you find a product claiming to contain superior quality of Gymnema sylvestre, it means it has about 25% of gymnemic acids. The usual dose recommended for diabetic patients is about 400mg, but the dose might be increased or decreased, according to the severity of diabetes and overall health of the patient. In most cases, tablets are used 2 or 3 times per day.

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