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Herbs for Burning Fat

You can find the plenty of herbal fat burner supplements available. Question arises if these products are really effective. Fact is that you don’t have to buy these products since herbs that they contain can be taken separately. That way you won’t have to pay the expensive price of herbal products for fat burning and you will have full benefit of a particular herb.

There are many herbs for fat burning and you can choose one that is best for you. We have listed several fat burner herbs.

Green Tea

Green tea is considered to be effective fat burner herb as it was stated by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Their studies showed that you can burn 5% fat more if you drink five cups of green tea. Green tea is so efficient due to its potent fat burning substance. This is excellent reason to start drinking green tea.

Bitter Orange

Bitter orange or Citrus aurantium is another herb used for burning fat. It acts as metabolism enhancer which is important for burning fat and losing weight. Bitter orange doesn’t have side effects thereby people with health problems can take it also. It is widely available among food supplements in stores and pharmacies.

DandelionDandelion is a common plant that can be found in every garden. Though it is usually considered as weed it is actually significantly potent herb for burning fat. Dandelion has a property that balances blood sugar level which is responsible for high appetite and cravings thus helps in burning fat and reducing weight as well. Dandelion may cause hot flashes since it raises temperature of the body and this is helpful for fat burning.


Cayenne is another herb that assists in burning fat since it also increases body temperature. Cayenne boosts metabolism and accelerates digestion. This is excellent fat burning herb and if you regularly take cayenne you will burn fat and lose weight faster.

Dangerous Fat Burner HerbsThere are certain dangerous fat burner herbs that you must consider if you want to avoid health problems. These herbs are ephedra, Senna and buckthorn. They can increase heart rate which is very dangerous and can lead to different conditions.

You must keep in mind that herbs have side effects like drugs and it is recommended that you do your own research before taking certain fat burner herb. In case that you find that the herb can cause some adverse reactions you should consult your physician or nutritionist.

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