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Osteoporosis is an abnormal loss of bone tissue resulting in porous and fragile bones. It is attributable to a lack of calcium in the body combined with old age. Not until recently that the physicians and doctors were totally unaware of importance of supplements in the body. Osteoporosis leaves the bones fragile and weak, and increases risks of bone fracture, especially the hips, wrists, and spine.

Osteoporosis occurs in cases of imbalance between new bone forming and old bone resorption. This imbalance means that either body does not form new bone tissue fast enough or old bone tissue is wasted too fast. Phosphate and calcium are two essential minerals responsible for forming a new bone tissue. Lack of intake in one’s youth of any of those two can later lead to problems with osteoporosis.

Only now, there is a wide awareness of importance of supplements, like calcium, in the daily diet, and this is important, because bone mass in the body peaks at the age of 25, so, it is very important for us to build our bones by that age, and make them as strong as possible, by using best calcium diet possible. Besides the calcium, which strengthens the bones other vital supplements include vitamins A and D, magnesium, boron, phosphorus and zinc are also crucial to our well-being. Osteoporosis is a very common disease. In U.S. alone, over 10 million people have it, and anther 18 million has the beginning of loss of bone tissue, and will develop osteoporosis soon. These figures coincide with general aging of the population. Over the age of 50, every second women and every eight man has the symptoms of osteoporosis, and over age of 80 percentage is over 70%.

In the beginning osteoporosis has no visible symptoms, because the process of bone tissue loss is at the first very slow and gradual. Later, as illness progresses, you may fell dull pain in the lower back or muscles and bones. Sudden and sharp pain may appear and it does get worse by prolonged physical activities, and does not radiate trough body. Pain may last on up to three months.

Causes of osteoporosis, besides already mentioned ones, like lack of vitamin D and calcium intake can be the lack of certain hormones in the body, especially androgen in men and estrogen in women. Menopause is often accompanied with lack of hormone estrogen, so as a certain problems with endocrine gland functions which also affects the levels of estrogen hormone in the body.

Other risk factors for developing the osteoporosis can be lack of muscle use overuse of corticosteroids medicaments, bone cancer, hereditary factors, smoking, thyroid gland problems etc.

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