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Many herbs can be used for this problem and they will certainly bring some improvement. They usually have polysaccharide, which is not adequate for the moderate appetite. Those plants are plantains, guar and konjac. They are all non-simulated, so they can produce some problems for the ones with the easy reactive intestinal tract. Problems possible are diarrhea and cramping. Standardization of the intestinal transit, which these plants accelerate, can promote the loss of weight, because the food remains for less time in the digestive tract, so bacteria has smaller amount of time for the degradation of the food into the assailable molecules. There are some ways of burning fat. There is a solution, which is even faster from the exercise increase. This is done with the use of drugs. We have to increase the thermogenesis. Theoretically, if the thyroid gland is increased, the basic metabolism is increased and this leads to the fat burning and weight loss. This process is named hyperthyroidism. There are extracts of thyroid which can do this. But, be careful if you decide to use it, since the consequences may be great if the dosages are more than recommended. Be careful not to exaggerate with this extract, since it can affect the thyroid hormones. This method is not very popular. Caffeine is a stimulant that increases the physical activity and lipolysis. A stimulant called ephedrine can promote the loss of weight, but this method is also not recommended since there are some very serious consequences that can arise after its use.


Fucus is the first remedy we will mention. This item is given along with diet, especially in the cases with the hypothyroidism. There are many forms of this remedy, so you can choose between homeopathic tincture, fucus alcohol extract and drugs made from the fucus powder thallus. During the day, 0.5 to 1g of powder thallus is recommended, while mother tincture needs to be taken in dosage from 100 to 150 drops. Do not take more than 120mg of iodine during one day. There are some caffeine plants that can help, too. You can use mate, llex paraguariensis and green tea. Their leaves can be effective because they have flavonoids and caffeine. While mate has bitter taste and it is a stimulant, green tea is very beneficial. Garcinia can also be used, since, it can increase the glucose consumption, decrease the appetite and prevent fat gathering. It is made from the root of the garcinia indica and garcinia cambogia fruit. The extract is taken from the bark. The use of this remedy can promote weight loss if you eat carbohydrate high food, like bread, pasta, sugars and similar, so take it half an hour before the meal, use high dosages during the day (around 3g during the day) and pass on the insoluble fiber rich diet. Also, some risks are involved with the use of this remedy.

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