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It is a well-known fact that herpes cannot be cured, becauseso far, the way in which this virus can be removed from the body has not beenfound. The only thing that can be done refers to the treatment of symptoms,although it is important to make the immune system stronger as well, since thisvirus tends to become active when the immune system is weakened. Even thoughherpes is a nightmare for people who suffer from it, the fact is that medicationsare not the only way in which it can be treated. There are some natural andherbal remedies, which are equally effective as medications, but still, it isrecommended to consult the doctor before giving a chance to any of them.

Herbs helpful in the treatment of herpes

Licorice is an herb whose root is used for medicinalpurposes, and when it is applied topically, it reduces pain that cold sores orgenital herpes cause, and it also reduces healing time. For the same reason,the majority of herbal preparations that contain this herb is helpful in casesof herpes, but it is highly recommended to consult the doctor at least in orderto get the information about the dosage and to make sure that possible druginteractions are avoided.Lemon balm is another useful herb when it comes to thetreatment of conditions caused by herpes simplex viruses. It has antiviral characteristics,which is why essential oils of lemon balm are used for external treatment ofherpes. Besides the fact that healing time is significantly reduced, this herbalso stops further infection.Lavender is another herb that should be tried out in casesof herpes, mostly due to its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, whichis why many skin conditions are treated with it. However, it is recommended notto use this herb in cases of women who are pregnant.Siberian ginseng might also reduce the duration of herpes, butonly in cases of genital herpes because it boosts the immune system, which helps the bodyto deal with the virus. It is recommended to take the extract of Siberianginseng three times a day as long as the outbreak is present.Echinacea is an herb that has also been widely used in thetreatment of this viral infection.Olive leaf has provided more than impressive results in thetreatment of herpes symptoms, which is why the number of research studies onthe effectiveness of this herb in cases of herpes has increased.

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