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Excess weightand obesity can cause high blood pressure in both children and adults. Parents mustpay close attention to their child’s blood pressure in order to act accordingly and timely to avoid any further problems.

What IsNormal Blood Pressure for Kids?

Blood pressure in children is normally lower than in adults. Age and physical activity of achild affect the blood pressure. For the girls 1 to 4 years old normal bloodpressure is anywhere from 86/40 to 91/52. Boys of the same age normally haveblood pressure between 85/37 and 93/50 mm Hg.

Slightly olderchildren (4 to 8-year-olds) should have 91/54 to 98/58 mm Hg forgirls, while boys, on the other hand, normally have 93/53 to 97/59 mm Hg.

Children between9 and 12 years of age may be expected to have the blood pressure from 100/59 to105/62 mm Hg for girls and 100/61 to 106/62 mm Hg, for boys.

In teenagers(13 to 17 years old), blood pressure is similar to adult’s blood pressure. Girlsusually have 107/63 to 111/66 mm Hg and boys from 106/62 to 118/67 mm Hg.

These areapproximate values of normal blood pressure according to the age of a child. Moreinformative and more accurate measures include the height, weight, body massindex, age and gender of a child.

Parents mustbe aware of normal values of the blood pressure of their child. If anythingchanges, or the parents suspect their child has high blood pressure, they shouldconsult their doctor and check up their child’s condition. Early detection isvery important when it comes to high blood pressure, because this way it ispossible to prevent further complications and diseases.

What Can CauseHigh Blood Pressure in Children?

High bloodpressure in children may be caused by excessive stress, even in children withnormal body weight. Baby’s irritation and excess crying might also lead to highblood pressure and parents should be aware of that fact.

However, themost common cause of high blood pressure in kids is excess weight and obesity. Usually,children who don’t eat healthy food and lack some physical activities developobesity and as a consequence suffer from hypertension. Certain problems arealso known to cause high blood pressure, including heart conditions, kidneydiseases, diabetes type 1 or disorders of the adrenal gland. Genetic disordersmay also be responsible for the weight gain and high pulse rate, both leadingto development of hypertension in kids.

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