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It is frightening how many children are obese. This number seems to be even increasing every day. The problem with obesity is not only aesthetic. The excess of weight is a major contributor to many different illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, joints issues etc.

Because of all the mentioned it is essential to properly educate children while they are still in school and make them adopt healthy eating habits and engage in regular physical activity.

Appropriate Diet for Grade-Schoolers

All children must be familiar with healthy eating. Once you manage to learn your child differentiate healthy food from unhealthy one, he/she will be able to make healthy choice and opt for healthy food even when eating outside.

One of great measures for reducing the chance of consuming junk food is not buying such food in the first place. Instead, a bowl full of fresh fruits should be at child's hand and each time the child feels hungry, he/she may reach for a fresh snack.

Normally, it is important to incorporate all the food in your child's diet including milk and dairy products, plenty of fruits and vegetable (preferably fresh) and grains. Because it is not possible to strictly forbid your child to consume sweets, these may be allowed but only in limited amounts.

When preparing meals parents should pay close attention to satisfy all the requirements regarding nutrients, vitamins and minerals which need to be taken on a daily basis in specific amounts.

Finally, it is better to pack lunch for your child instead of letting him/her buy school lunch.What about Physical Activity?

It is not surprising how much time children spend in front of television and playing video games. Instead, they should be more outside playing with their peers or even practicing some sports.

So, apart from unhealthy diets, even physical inactivity is considered a great contributor to increased number of obese children.

Therefore, children must have appropriate amount of physical activity at school. What is more, even when the school is over, he/she must remain physically active. The best thing is to let your child pick up sport he/she is interested in and start with regular trainings. This way he/she will enjoy and, at the same time, contribute to the overall health of his/her body. Never force a child to participate in sports he/she does not enjoy. This may result in reluctance to be physically active in any way.

All in all, by being physically active and with proper diet, your child will escape the claws of obesity and all the associated health issues.

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