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The Importance of Skin Protection

Taking care of our skin is crucial for its well being and our overall external health and aesthetics. Namely, by eating the right food and applying the proper hygiene, our skin will be noticeably healthier and younger looking. However, our skin will also benefit from sun protection. Namely, negative ultraviolet sun rays can do damage to our skin, the worst scenario being cancer, among many other conditions. Therefore, we need to pay special attention to several factors which provide our skin life and health.

Stay Away From Excessive Sun

As it has been mentioned above, sun may do significant damage to our skin, if we exceed the healthy amount of time of exposure. First of all, wear adequate protection from the sun. You should be dressed in bright colors like white, wearing long sleeved shirts as well as pants covering your entire legs. There are numerous light and natural materials which do not have to be worn tight to your body in order to protect you from the sun. Also, whenever going out in the sun, wear a hat and a pair of sunglasses. Secondly, it is important to know that sun rays are most dangerous from 10am to 4pm. That being said, this part of the day you should spend inside your dwelling or under some kind of sun protection. Finally, whenever you decide to sunbathe, or even just walk on a sunny day, make sure you wear sunscreen, both on you and with you. You may, perhaps, need to apply it more than once during your day out, thus have it always by your side and know that you are protected.

Quit or Re-examine Your Vices

Researches have shown that, besides the sun, one of the worst enemies of our skin are cigarettes and smoking. It kills the elements good for your skin, speeding up the aging process and making your wrinkles appear quicker. Also, be careful with alcohol. When consumed moderately, it has certain benefits, but you should make sure you do not overdo it. Additionally, know that alcohol absorbs the water from your organism, leading to dehydration. Therefore, have a glass of water along with every glass of beer or a shot of spirit.

Proper Hygiene and Lifestyle are Crucial

Women should make sure they never leave their make-up on after a night out, and should always remove it and clean their face afterwards. Cleaning and moisturizing your skin regularly is crucial for both sexes. Washing dirt from our skin will help it be healthier and clean, preventing any infections from occurring. Thus, use mild soaps, do not wash longer than 15 minutes and make sure the water you are using is not hot, but rather warm. It is very good to use non-alcoholic moisturizers after every skin wash. Men, while shaving should first soften their facial hair with a warm, wet towel and afterwards shave in the direction of the hair, not cutting it completely in order not to cause its incorrect growing. Finally, make sure you sleep enough and have adequate sleeping quarters. Sleep regenerates us, as well as our skin, and for all these reasons is more than important.

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