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Doner kebab

Making a healthy Doner kebab may sound like the impossible thing to do, but it actually can be done, in a very simple manner. The main difference between real, Turkish traditional Doner kebab and one you can buy on almost every corner in the UK are ingredients and the way meat is prepared to be served. While the real Doner kebab is being made of sliced lamb meat, one in takeaways is made of suspicious quality pre-made mass.

How to make a Doner kebab

The first step in preparing Doner kebab is preparing the sauce. It is important to prepare the sauce first, because that will give time to its ingredients to properly infuse. All quantities below are per one person.


Mix two tbsp of tomato ketchup, half a tbsp of paprika, the same amount of dried mint and a grated garlic clove in a bowl. Put this into refrigerator covered with cling film.


The kebab you can get from a takeaway is full of saturated fats and other harmful substances. The Doner kebab we want to make has no such substances. It mainly consists of natural, lamb fat and a small amount of salt.

Ingredients (per one kebab)

- 1/2lb minced lamb

- 1 smaller egg

- 1tbsp of breadcrumbs

- 1 garlic clove

- 1/2 tbsp of dried mint

- salt and pepper

There's no some special advice how to mix all this together, except that you should mix it by your hand for enough time until mass becomes compact.

Cooking pate

Take some sunflower oil and heat it to medium in a frying pan. Then flatten the mass to a thickness of about 3/4 inch. When you do this, cook the pate for about 10 minutes each side on a low or medium heat. When the Doner kebab is cooked, remove it to a chopping board, wait for a few minutes and then slice it to a thickness of 3/4 of an inch.


While you wait for Doner kebab to cook, you should prepare the salad. All ingredient quantities mentioned in the following text are for two people.


- a quarter of a small white cabbage

- a half of a medium-size onion

- one large or two small tomatoes

- 5-6 slices of cucumber

- salt and pepper

Slice the cabbage and the onion with a sharp knife and separate it to shreds. When you do this, cut the tomatoes in halves and remove all the seeds. When you do this, slice it into quarters. Season this salad with salt and pepper and put it into a large bowl.


Serve it with heated pita-bread.

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