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About ketchup

When tomatoes, which are very healthy, are used to make a sauce, that tomato sauce has high nutritional value. When it comes to some history facts about ketchup, in 1830 a man from New England got an idea to put mashed tomatoes in bottles and to sell them. As people liked it and as it became famous, other farmers tried to do the same and the production began. However, HJ Heinz, the man who produced pickles at the time, in 1872 added tomato ketchup as one of his products and that is how it all started with the production of ketchup.

Why is ketchup healthy?

Everyone seems to think that tomato is a vegetable, but as funny as it sounds, tomato is actually a fruit. That fruit is full of substances that are good for the health, and one of such substances is lycopene, a type of antioxidant. Lycopene is the reason why tomato is red, and it decreases the chances for development of cancer, heart conditions, osteoporosis, but it can also help in curing infertility in men. Tomato has lycopene, but ketchup contains more of this healthy substance than tomato, and that is why ketchup is beneficial for our health.

When ketchup is made, tomatoes are specially treated, and during that treatment, lycopene cells are divided. That is how lycopene is let go so our body can use it more efficiently, which has also been confirmed by some researches. Treated tomatoes come in different forms, such as ketchup or sauce. Cooked tomatoes are easier to absorb.

Studies about ketchup

If you are suspicious about ketchup being beneficial to our health, here are some scientific studies results. A study in which even Harvard participated and which lasted for six years and confirmed that ketchup is very healthy for us. Also other studies performed in Europe showed that the combination of ketchup, broccoli and brazil nuts can have great influence in preventing prostate cancer. British scientists say that, when ketchup is consumed on a regular basis, it can benefit your heart because it can reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. It is also efficient in struggling with breast cancer. Ketchup even has anti aging attributes.

We are sure that you are now more convinced that ketchup is a healthy product and that it can help you maintain your good health. Beside that, ketchup is also very tasty when added to some food and there is nothing better than eating something that is healthy and, at the same time, extremely tasty.

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