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Tomato is a simply amazing vegetable available mostly during the summer months. Not only does it look appealing but tomato is incredible healthy and nutritious. In some countries, this vegetable is accessible even in late autumn.

The attractive red skin together with juicy flesh makes tomato suitable for a variety of combination. It is mostly eaten in salads but it can be added to numerous dishes as well. Even if used in a form of juice it supplies with sufficient amount of nutrients.

Health Benefits of Tomato


Tomato is rich in lycopene. Lycopene is carotenoid that has been widely studied for its antioxidant characteristics. The damage to the cells caused by oxygen is successfully prevented if one eats tomato on regular bases. This is especially important in a combat against carcinogenesis. Apart from being studied on animals the tomato has shown encouraging results regarding the health of humans. Even in humans some types of cancer can be prevented by this vegetable. They include prostate and breast cancer, bowel and pancreatic cancer. Even lung and endometrial cancers can be prevented with the tomato. Organic tomato is best for consumption. It does not contain any pesticides and the amount of lycopene is rather significant comparing to regularly grown vegetable.

Large Intestine

There was one study which proved that in people who are suffering from intestinal polyps the amount of lycopene is drastically low comparing to healthy individuals. This way the conclusion is that low level of lycopene leads to development of colorectal adenomas. The number of affected people is even greater if individuals who are suffering from insufficient amount of lycopene are smokers at the same time.


It is amazing how tomato can be efficient in reduction of risk of prostatic cancer. The studies on animal have already proved this hypothesis. Additionally, the scientists came to conclusion that not only is the lycopene responsible for prevention of prostatic cancer but there are several additional phytonutrients of this vegetable that are appreciated for their incredibly protective characteristics.


This gland can be affected with one of the most lethal types of cancer. The progress of pancreatic cancer is rapid and unstoppable. For all of them a diet rich in tomatoes can be of major importance as additional help in regular treatment.


Even the leading organ of our body, the heart, can be well preserved and protected from certain illnesses just by regular consumption of tomatoes. The abundance in niacin, vitamin B6 and folate makes the tomato highly effective in battle against atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. This is great as this way tomato also prevents the secondary conditions caused by arthrosclerosis and increased blood pressure such as heart attack or a stroke.

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