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Energy Drinks

Many people use energy drinks these days. In every part ofthe world there are many various energy drinks available, helping you toovercome tiredness and lack of energy. This has become such a wide spread habitthat this energy drink industry makes billions of dollars every year.

Students use energy drinks when studying for the exams, butthere are also energy drinks users among teenagers and young people in thenight clubs and corporate employees. These drinks helps people to be alert andenergetic when needed, but might also have some negative effects to the body.

Side Effects of Energy Drinks

Everything you eat or drink has a certain impact on the bodyand energy drinks are the same. Their effect depends on the amount of the drinkand also on the type of energy drink you choose.

Energy drink usually contain: taurine, caffeine or glucuronolactoneas the main active ingredient. There are also energy drinks that contain othersubstances, including creatine, guarana extract, gingko biloba, or ginseng. All ofthese drinks should stimulate your body and boost up your metabolism and concentration,helping you to achieve better and also faster results.

Sometimes people make a mistake thinking that if they stopdrinking coffee and start using energy drink, they would minimize the caffeineaddiction. Energy drink often contains much more caffeine than a cup of coffee,in fact more than you normally drink every day. Be aware that it will have thesame effect: it will make you more active and alert, but you might also end updehydrated. In most cases, a can on energy drink have around 80mg of caffeine. Tocompare, a can of Pepsi has 40mg of caffeine.

Taurine is the substance said to regulate the heart beat. Thisis an amino acid which improves all of bodily functions.

Glucuronolactone is carbohydrate, and energy drinks thatcontain it will give your body plenty of energy.

You should always be very careful to avoid overdose ofenergy drinks. Drinking one or two canes of energy drinks per day won’t be aproblem, but prolonged use or using more than two drinks every day might provokea health issue. Caffeine overdose may cause dehydration and extreme tirednessonce the effect wears off. There is also a question of sugar in those energydrinks. So much sugar can cause addiction and is not healthy for you on thelong run.

Energy drink overdose can cause stomach and kidney problemsand severe muscle pain. You shouldn’t combine an energy drink with alcohol,because it may seriously affect your health. Pregnant women are advised toavoid these drinks, because of the caffeine in them.

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